We offer six beats in a variety of idyllic locations with varying levels of difficulty and reward.

The Novar Fishings offer six rotating beats. The average length of each beat is about a mile with, typically, fifteen to twenty named pools. Both banks are included although most of the fishing is from the southern (right) bank. There is a small spring run of salmon and sea trout from late April until early July. The first grilse return is usually expected in early July. The most productive part of the season runs from mid-July through to the end of October.

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Download a map of the beats here. (.pdf)

Beat 1

A peaceful and remote beat close to the loch.

Late Spring and early Summer can produce some excellent trout fishing with a dry fly. In high water, downstream wets and nymphs can bring enjoyable sport. The greenwells, iron blue dunn, hare's ear and pheasant-tail nymph are good all-round flies. Salmon fishing is at its best from September onwards.

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Beat 2

Begins in wide open country and flows down through a gorge on the River Glass.

This beat is also more productive later in the season but a fish or two will sit in the Junction Pool once the grilse run starts. The Crag pool is a favourite of sea trout fishermen.

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Beat 3

A great beat to fish in all seasons.

This is a productive beat in both high and low water. Salmon can be fished in spring from May onwards and even earlier if you like a challenge. The Falls and Shingle Bank offer good shelter on sunny days. For those with the whole beat to themselves, fishing all the way from March Pool to Stones Pool is an excellent option.

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Beat 4

A picturesque beat that flows through woodlands.

The best salmon fishing occurs in high water conditions; Hoch, Holly, Cunningham’s and Raven’s Rock fish very well, especially in spate. In June and July, Raven’s Rock has excellent night fishing for sea trout. Stoat’s Tail, Butcher’s and Medicine flies all work well.

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Beat 5

The most accessible beat on the river.

This beat fishes well from early spring onwards. Jager, Aggie's, Crag and Newbridge all fish well in spate. Ash and Upper Robinson's can fish well in lower water with deep heads to the pools and a fast flow.

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Beat 6

Our closest to Cromarty Firth.

This beat is exciting from the get-go with great fishing from spring onwards. Once the grilse run starts, it can be outstanding. It is not unusual, even in late October, to catch a fresh fish, here.

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Our thanks to Roger Dowsett at Salmonquest for the photos.