Novar Estate is a dynamic, multi-faceted enterprise where the natural world is sensitively harnessed and, simultaneously, allowed to grow wild for the benefit of local communities and native flora and fauna.  


There are over 9,500 acres of woodland at Novar of which a quarter is managed using Low Impact Silvicultural Systems. Much of this area covers the slopes of Cnoc Fyrish, Cnoc Duchaire and Meann Cnoc and has been designated a Special Protection Area (SPA) to conserve habitat for Scotland’s decreasing population of capercaillie. Control of deer numbers is an important factor in the management of the woodland as this provides a favourable environment for natural regeneration.

Production of timber from the whole enterprise is around 25,000 tonnes a year, the bulk of which is sold to sawmills in the north and east of Scotland. 1,500 tonnes of the poorer timber is retained and chipped for fuelwood and a further 2,000 tonnes of the larger logs, mainly Douglas Fir and Larch is processed at the Novar Sawmill.

Novar Sawmill

With annual timber production somewhere in the region of 25,000 tonnes, Novar Sawmill is an immense enterprise that employs highly-skilled personnel from within the local community and contributes to a well-established Highland forestry tradition. 

The sawmill is equipped with cutting-edge technology guaranteeing a consistently excellent finish on all products. We have virtually eliminated waste by collecting all by-products and selling them on to other specialist manufacturers. When production levels are high and waste is low, prices can be highly competitive; this, coupled with the quality of its output, is the secret of its success.

Timber outbuildings, sheds, animal shelters, decking and skirting boards are among some of the many things the sawmill manufactures in-house but they also trade with architects, the construction industry and other estates across Scotland. They have an excellent reputation for creating high-specification bespoke products.


Novar Estate has provided land for renewable enterprises for over 40 years and we intend to continue this good work. We consider this to be an investment for the future of our community, country and the world beyond. The cleaner our energy sources, the safer our world becomes.

Home to three hydro schemes at Blackrock, Glen Glass and Altnacealgach, and two wind farms high up on moorland, five miles west of Alness, electricity powered on the estate supplies the local community as well as the national grid meaning the impact is felt nationwide.

Renewable energy initiatives create jobs that boost the local economy. The income generated from them brings in much-needed funds for local community projects by way of the Community Benefit Fund: the more energy generated, the greater the sum energy companies re-invest into their host communities. The energy is clean and ethically sound so everyone involved can benefit from it.