Novar Estate is charged with the responsibility of monitoring changes and responding to them to ensure all environments within our boundary are productive and healthy.

Our actions and initiatives lay firm foundations for the productive life of the Estate. Residential and commercial tenants, businesses, employees, wild flora and fauna all rely upon our team of specialists to carefully maintain and preserve the Estate's unique and beautiful habitats.

Land Management

There are varied land uses at Novar: lowland parkland and farms, rivers and water courses, woodland, upland grazing and moorland. Each have their own characteristics and are managed in different ways.

The estate is unusual in the many diverse enterprises it hosts, also, from traditional country sports, tourism and forestry to the sawmill, renewable energy and farming.These all bring stable employment to the area.

The land is not just important to the community in the present; it has a vital role to play in the daily life of future generations, too. While the world may often be shaped by temporary measures and solutions, here at Novar, we take a long term view: we must be certain that our stewardship is sensitive and beneficial to the overall wellbeing of the estate.

Special Protection Areas (SPAs)

Novar Estate has been awarded SPA status, a category higher than SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest), for its unique capercaillie habitats. Through a measured approach to managing our woodlands that promotes natural regeneration and diversity alongside our commercial timber enterprise, we have provided the perfect habitat for healthy numbers of this rare and iconic native Scottish species to thrive.

Our team of experts does everything it can to protect this rare and iconic bird within the boundaries of the Estate. We also strive to maintain our prestigious status for the future of this species and other wild inhabitants such as pine martens, red squirrel, red and roe deer and, of course, bird life such as red kites on the upland slopes.